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About Twin City Public Adjusting

There are three kinds of insurance adjusters:  the Staff Adjuster, the Independent Adjuster, and the Public Adjuster. The first is directly hired by the insurance company. The second is like a subcontractor, and is hired by the insurance company when a catastrophic event overwhelms the ability of their staff adjusters to handle all the claims. And the final type, the Public Adjuster, works strictly for the policy holder. Twin City Public Adjusting falls into this third category; we work wholeheartedly and completely for you.


Why should you hire a Public Adjuster? A Public Adjuster helps make the process of your insurance claims less stressful. They know and understand the key policy terms, conditions, rights and obligations that you, as the policyholder, have to deal with. A Public Adjuster will work with you to help you understand the aspects of the insurance policy and duties that come with a property loss, and then work to get you the best claim possible. They will evaluate the existing polices to determine what coverage is applicable to a claim and then support the claim on your behalf to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

  1. Evaluate your insurance policies with you to determine what coverage is applicable to a claim.
  2. Research in depth all of the damage and content and all additional expenses.
  3. Determine values for settling covered damages.
  4. Prepare a document to support the claim on your behalf
  5. Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

Throughout this entire process we will keep you updated and in the center. Nothing will be done without your knowledge and understanding. We work with you and for you to ensure you the best support and coverage.

Many homeowners settle for far less than what they should.  It may just be one or two pieces of siding that look different, or damaged windows and trim that have been overlooked by a contractor, but it still reduces the value of your home.  Twin City Public Adjusting believes that you are entitled to have your home completely restored to its original state before the event that damaged your property. And only we, as a Public Insurance  Agency, are equipped to deal with everything needed to make you whole again.


Twin City Public Adjusting will take care of you. We will help make peace between the contractors and insurance agencies, allowing you to rest easy. Your satisfaction is our goal and we work toward getting you everything you deserve.

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