At Twin City Public Adjusting we promise the complete satisfaction of all of our clients.

We work hard to represent you by taking the stress out of the insurance claim procedure and giving you peace of mind during this difficult time.  We have helped many people in the past that can tell you just how happy they’ve been with our work.

To Twin Cities Public Adjusting,

After my house was hailed on last summer, I had several roofing companies inspect my roof and they said I should have my insurance company send out their adjuster. But my adjuster said I had minimal damage, and I received a very small settlement check. After I read the article in the newspaper about you, I decided to call and see what you could do for me. After inspection, you told me I had damage to my siding and roof along with a dented skylight, fascia, gutters and even window wraps. We decided to take AAA to appraisal, even though it took awhile to arrange for all three adjusters to meet at my house. I could not have been more relieved to hear the results after that. New roof, new siding, new gutters, new window wraps. Wow, great job! I can’t begin to thank you enough, as I am a single homeowner and could not have been able to make these repairs on my own. You restored my home to look like new.

Thanks again.


Dear Twin Cities Public Adjusting,

I just had to thank you for all you did for my family. At first when American Family was only going to give us a small part of our roof and we received such a small check we were so angry. We must have had more contractors than I can remember come to our home and all of them said we had damage. The American Family adjuster said we had bugs when shown all the leaves in our garden with huge holes in them. Even the pictures of our yard covered in hail and large hail stones kept frozen in the freezer did not seem to impress him.

Then I read an article written about you in the newspaper and we met and got a second inspection in which you brought in another public adjuster to our house to meet with our American Family adjuster. They inspected our house for over an hour. Paul, the public adjuster, pointed out damage to not only the roof, but our siding, windows, garage door, gutters and trim. We even had leakage in our master bathroom from the damaged roof. From the second inspection we got additional items added to our claim, but the American Family adjuster still refused to admit to damage to our siding and garage doors even though they had huge dents and holes.

You recommended taking our insurance company to appraisal, which was sort of like going to arbitration. You explained how we had to have our own public adjuster and American Family had to pick a new adjuster and the two of them would agree on a referee. Well, they all met at the house and now we have new windows, roofing, siding, gutters and a new garage door, all paid for by our insurance. We couldn’t have done it with out you. At first all my husband wanted was for American Family to pay for our damaged roof, but they did not want to. But thanks to you and your team you made them pay. I only regret we did not find you sooner, but who knew what a public adjuster is and what they can do, or even where to look for one.

Thanks a million!

Cindy & Scott B.

Dear Twin Cities Public Adjusting,

Sometime last summer a roofing contractor came knocking at our door. Their representative encouraged us to have our insurance adjustor come and inspect for hail damage on our roof. Upon setting up the appointment with the adjustor, we expected that the roofing company representative would be there like he had previously promised us. He did not show. Of course, since we were not roofing experts, it was easy for the adjustor to deny our claim.

Some time later, after another hailstorm, another exterior company came knocking. This representative encouraged us to make another claim, for further roof damage and hail damage to our siding. This company actually met with our adjustor as promised, but they took no for an answer on the roof without any questions asked. They never even mentioned the serious hail damage to our garage door.

Our purpose in writing this letter is not to complain about the others, but just wanted to offer our thanks to you in standing out positively from those other companies. You met with our insurance adjustor, and we overheard you politely remind him that we both were in the business for the customer.

We now have a new roof on our house and a new overhead garage door.

We can honestly say that working with you and your company has been a very enjoyable experience. Our house looks great thanks to you.

Thank you,

Dan and Kristen S.